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Our Company

We are a company that operates in the field of international business. A young company, with strength and innovative vocation.

The members of our team have gained extensive experience in the area of international trade, participating in the management of companies which develop their activities as international purchasing agents, to serve our customers in different countries around the world.

We also participate in creating strategic alliances to develop industrial projects with entrepreneurs from different countries of South America.

We have commercial offices in several countries and also business partners through which we develop our professional work in the area of ​​international business.

We maintain active trade importing and exporting products from and to several countries of both Americas, and Asia. We are constantly creating new strategic alliances that have allowed us to grow as a company, and this way we are able to provide a wider range of services to our customers.

If we would have to identify ourselves we would say that: The ethic is our essence, the business our passion.

VENUR International Business



Our Office


Montevideo - Uruguay

Address: 25 de Mayo Nº 635

Kenobi Building - ZIP Code: 11.000

Phone: +598 2915 3737 - +598 2915 9393

Videoconferencing available: dynamic IP